Session 2 — Framing your project & project scope

Hi @feb20-cohort, reminder that our second session is taking place tomorrow at 9am ET on Zoom (at our usual meeting link). This week, we’ll kick off with any updates that you might have, and then focus on project scoping.

Feel free to look at the handouts and slides prepared for the session:

  1. Handout: Framing your project and project scope
  2. Slides: Framing your project and project scope

Looking forward to chatting with you all again tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Thank you for another great session! The work that’s taking place on all 9 projects is very exciting: be it about deciding directions, selecting titles & cover design, writing content, or coordinating the team space. I’m very impressed that we managed to go through so many project updates, the lesson, and questions all while sticking with our 1.5 hour time limit. :smiley:

As usual, I’ve saved our chat transcript to refer to, and want to highlight some of the links shared:

There’s also a great conversation about potential titles, covers, platforms, and more in the chat, so take a look.

We also heard some good questions from @wrs15, @jmitchell, and @mfp11, around Pressbooks, accessibility and platforms, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

  • Wade, I have confirmed that the users on can in fact add multiple collaborators and admins on their books. Take a look on their website at what’s included for faculty authors, and you can compare with what you have with the Penn State Pressbooks. If you had more questions, I’d suggest getting in touch with their team directly, and let me know if you need their contact information.
  • Jess, please keep the questions and comments about this platform coming. Like you said, it’s critical that we have these conversations at the start! We have a dedicated space for feedback — Community and Site Feedback, if you wanted to post there.
  • And Michael, your project values statement looks fantastic! What do the others think? I think that this is brief but clear, and something that you can always explain and expand on with your team. We’ll pick up with this next week, and in the meantime, I’ll try to scrounge up any more examples I can find to share with you all.

If there’s anything in particular that anyone wanted me to follow-up and share that I haven’t yet, please respond and let me know. I’ll get right on it!

Thanks Apurva. I guess I could’ve just created a separate private PB account to test, but didn’t cross my mind till now.