Session 3: Storytelling and Communications

I hope you were able to navigate through the homework for Session 2: Project Scoping.

It is time to start thinking and planning for this week’s Session 3: Storytelling and Communications.
Please note the following links to prepare for our session this week.

Storytelling and Communications Template


Thank you for attending Session 3 on a challenging weather day.

If you were unable to join us, I hope you are able to review the recording and review the slides and handout and begin to work on the Storytelling and Communications template homework.

Session 3 - Storytelling and Communications was dedicated to enabling your teams to better communicate the motivations and the drivers for doing this work to one another, but also more broadly as your OER will be used in classrooms and institutions around the world. As part of that, we discussed the importance of narrative and voice in education — and how you all play an integral part in this work. We used Jo-ann Archibald’s Indigenous Framework for Storytelling as a guide of reference to help you articulate to one another the work you will be doing on your OER projects.

Thinking deeply about the storywork you want to do as content creators and team support members, may sound like a lot of effort, but we know from experience with past cohorts how well those efforts play out in the longer term. We strongly believe that you should do what you can with what you have, throughout the course of the project. Building storytelling and communications into different stages in the publishing process is incredibly useful because you’re going about creating your OER with a bit more thought - deliberately and carefully looking at ways to really make sure the end resource is as useful as it can be.

If you haven’t yet done so, please complete the Session 3 activities as indicated in your handout Part B Homework activities (a+b) by:

  1. Writing your individual bios [and be prepared to share them with us]
  2. Planning in your teams, where and when your team can communicate different aspects of your OER projects

Next week, our focus will be on ways to manage your teams smoothly and grow them if necessary to ensure the successful completion of your projects in due time.