Session 4: Growing and Managing Teams (May 2024 B Cohort)

Hello @may24b-cohort! I look forward to seeing you all this afternoon to talk about Growing and Managing Teams. In this session we’ll cover the why and how of collaborating in teams and best practices for building an effective team.

Here’s the Zoom link for our meeting in case you need it, as well as links to the session slides and handout. See you soon!

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Hello @may24b-cohort,

Here’s the chat transcript from yesterday’s session. Before getting to the key links, session recap, and homework, I want to draw your attention to instructions for next week’s 1:1 meetings:

Next week, your teams will meet with me 1:1 for about 15 min each. This will give us the opportunity to talk about your projects in more detail, and for me as your facilitator to more clearly understand what you are working towards. I will spend some time reviewing your submitted materials in the forum, to guide your team in the next steps. Please make sure to book a slot with me using the 1:1 sign up sheet listed below and please answer the questions included in the sheet. Your answers will help me prepare for our meetings so that we can make the most of our time together. If these time slots absolutely do not work for the majority of your teams, please let me know, and we can find a time slot that works for your team!

To prepare for your 1:1 with me, please ensure that:

  • Everybody in your team understands who is holding what responsibility,
  • Your team has set up a transparent organization and documentation system,
  • A draft of project summary exists and has been shared on the Project Forum pages,
  • Your team has set up a regular meeting schedule,
  • Your team started to identify and review OER for your project,
  • Your team identified and addressed challenges within teams that have come up so far.

Key Links


This session emphasized the importance of collaboration and teamwork in the Textbook Success Program (TSP). As we see it, collaboration is an Indigenous way of being that allows us to step out of the dominant Western mindset of individual, single-hero modes of working. When we share and when we work as a collective, we can have more impact and do more good in the education sphere. The learning objectives and activities in this session prompt you to think about your role and contributions to the OER project and about how to effectively work in your teams through the rest of the TSP.

Collaboration works best when we adopt the following three principles:

  • work together as equals;
  • develop shared meaning about what we are doing;
  • show consideration for each other.

Many of our TSP graduates have noted that the commitment of their team members to the OER creation process and their identity as a group have deepened over time, especially when rooted in a “shared power.”

We acknowledge that collaboration takes time. But who says it’s less efficient in the long run? Of course, in the short-term, meetings take time. We think shared ideas, feelings of being respected and being on the same wavelength, are a good investment for the future. It will enable everybody’s growth and connection on multiple levels, including institutional capacity and greater contributions to society. We, your cohort, and your teams learn from those collaborations, and all of us learn to collaborate better in the process.

The following activities were part of our fourth session (find session materials linked above):

  1. Individually reflect on your role and contributions in your team [slide 8]
  2. Indicate to cohort whether you can commit to the TSP team approach [slide 9],
  3. Discuss with your team the roles and responsibilities in your team [slide 13 and Roles and Responsibilities Template]

Homework Activity

Please continue the conversation around your project roles and responsibilities when you next meet with your team. These roles and tasks may shift over time, but it’s critical you begin your project work with clear expectations on who joins your team and what contributions they bring as humans and professionals. The Roles and Responsibilities Template can guide you in your discussion.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Is there a link to the recorded Zoom from the meeting on June 18?

Yes, all of the session recordings are available in the Events and Milestones document.

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Thank you, Bryan. I’ve found it.


Thanks for clarifying and pointing the way. :slight_smile:

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I look forward to meeting with you shortly! Thanks for the link.


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Dr. McGeary, please find attached a copy of Intro to PN Cohort’s session four, Roles and Responsibilities Template .

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Thanks for sharing, @logancupp!

Thanks for sharing, @tamilton!

[Roles and Responsibilities](https://Roles and Responsibilities Template.docxht)