Session 7: Content Creation and Working with Authors

@oct19-cohort, we’re getting near the end of our sessions for the year – only a few more left. Tomorrow, we’ll meet at 1pm ET on Zoom (at our usual call link) to talk about content creation and working with authors.

Take a look a the handout and slides we’ll be referring to:

  1. Handout: Content Creation and Working with Authors
  2. Slides: Content Creation and Working with Authors

Please consider my request for feedback for future sessions, if you haven’t already: you can submit our survey and also let me know one thing each that you would like to keep, stop, and start with our cohort. Everything/anything you say will be used to improve our and future cohorts’ interactions and experience in the Textbook Success Program.

Looking forward to seeing your responses, and of course, to catching up with everyone tomorrow.

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Thank you @apurva. See you later today. I do need to dash a little early at around 2pm. Thanks.

Hi Chloe, no problem, thanks for letting me know. I’m glad you can make it for a bit. See you soon!

Thanks to everyone who attended our session last Friday! As usual, I’m linking to the session’s chat transcript, where a lot of great questions were asked.

Below is a list of resources listed in the chat:

There were also great tips and provoking questions from @ed.beck, @kautzmka, @alazear, and others in the chat so I strongly encourage you to read through the transcript. I’ve made note of the suggestions regarding the Author Guide template, and will try to put in an update very soon! If there were other questions or comments you’re still thinking about, and would like to discuss with me and the group, please feel free to ask away.

@arwalz also posted a piece of feedback about the sessions using our keep, stop, start feedback method:

The updates are helpful for a sense of context. The outlines, notes, are extremely helpful. I’d love to be able to loop back to the sessions lecture with a recording.

We’ll keep this in mind and try to brainstorm ways to be able to loop back into sessions - via a recording or something else!

Following our discussion, I’ve linked to a few additional resources from the handout:

Our next session will be on editing, and you can stay tuned for more details coming within a day or two. :smiley: