Team Meet & Greet: Child Growth and Development Textbook

Welcome to Child Growth and Development Textbook !

Take a moment to tell us about yourself, why you’re interested in this project, and get to know your fellow team members. We look forward to working with you on this exciting project.

I teach this course often on my campus to a plethora of majors. Every time I teach it, I really strive to know who is in my class and work to make it relevant to all majors because this class really can support many different majors. I also see it as an opportunity for students to learn about themselves in their own developmental lifespan, their parents, siblings, and others that they share relationships with. I sometimes joke that this course could be considered “the handbook to being human”. I am interested in this project because OER reduces barriers to learning. I am a first gen college graduate and I understand firsthand the many barriers to obtaining an education. Increasing the use of OER is definitely a great way to address that and increase the chances of student success.