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@kacey2606 Hi Kacey–thanks for your interest! You can see which chapter still need authors here.

I’m thinking maybe the chapters in social and political philosophy might be most relevant at this point (we don’t have any parts of the book yet that focus on your other AOS’s, though expanding it may be possible at some point). You can find more information about the Social & Political part of the text here..

If you think you might be interested in helping out with that part, let us know…we can connect you to the Editor for that Part!

In addition, we’ll be doing peer reviews of completed chapters starting very soon, and will need help with that if you might be interested!

I’m happy to help wherever I’d be most useful, but I am especially interested in serving as editor for the epistemology section. I received my Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Rochester in 2016. I wrote my dissertation on higher-order evidence and its epistemic significance (with applications to the epistemology of testimony and disagreement) under the direction of Richard Feldman, Earl Conee, and Edward Wierenga. My areas of specialization are epistemology, phil. religion, and the philosophy of nonviolence, though I also regularly teach logic, ethics, and philosophically-themed writing courses at SUNY Geneseo and St. John Fisher College in Rochester. I could contribute a chapter in any of those areas. I also have significant experience as a reviewer/referee (for Philosophia, Res Philosophica, Oxford UP, and most recently a book project for the Concerned Philosophers for Peace). In any case, whether as editor or otherwise, I’m confident I can convince some of my esteemed Rochester epistemology connections to contribute.

Brian C. Barnett, Ph.D.
Adjunct Lecturer
Philosophy Department

@brian561 Hi Brian, thanks for your interest in the project! Could you please send across your CV to lead editor Christina Hendricks (christina.hendricks@ubc.ca ; @clhendricksbc ) and me (apurva@rebus.foundation)? I’d also recommend you take a look at the details for the part editor role, so you have a better sense of what it entails.

Hello, I have ten years of experience teaching philosophy online at Portland State University and am interested in using and creating open-source textbooks. My area of specialization is American Pragmatism, specifically the social-political philosophy of John Dewey and Josiah Royce. I am also competent in Indigenous Philosophy and most of the online courses I have designed have been in Applied Ethics (e.g. Environmental Ethics, Philosophy of Sport, Philosophy of Sex & Love, Life & Death Issues, and Military Ethics).

I noticed there are still vacancies for the following chapters and believe my interests and expertise would be a good fit…

Social & Political: CH3 Autocracy, Timocracy, & Aristocracy; CH 5 Constitutional & Representative Government

Metaphysics: CH 2 Finitism, Infinitism, Monism, Dualism, and Pluralism

Epistemology: CH 3 Sources of Knowledge and Judgement: Rationalism, Empiricism, and Beyond

Please let me know if you have any questions or require further information (aspencer@pdx.edu)

@aspencer Hello and thank you for your interest! We have different editors for each of the books in the series, so maybe the best thing is to pick a couple of chapters you’d be most interested in writing, and then we can get in touch with those editors. Our process is that you would send to the particular book editor(s) a CV and information about your teaching experience or research expertise that you think makes you a good fit for that/those chapter(s). So give it some thought and let us know one or two chapters you’d be particularly keen to volunteer for, and we’ll go from there!

This is my first time posting here. I got here from Twitter. I would be very happy to help. My sense is that I could contribute a chapter in the Social and Political Philosophy volume and would also be willing to consider editing it (I looked over the requirements already). While my expertise is in philosophy of education, the bulk of my teaching is in social and political philosophy as a way to understand what “education” looks like for most philosophers (education is usually raised within this domain of interests). Anyhow, feel free to let me know here or via email at Sam.rocha@ubc.ca.


Hi Samuel, and welcome! Excited to see you here and willing to participate. We usually ask for a CV from potential authors or editors, so if you could send me a CV via email that would be great. christina.hendricks@ubc.ca.

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Hello, I am interested in learning more about the peer review for the Philosophy of Religion text. Depending on the schedule you are working with, I would be interested in helping out. For more on my background, please see https://sites.google.com/view/thomasdcarroll/home
Please also feel free to write me at thomascarroll@cuhk.edu.cn


Folks: I’m Nate Angell, currently working with Hypothesis, but formerly with Lumen Learning, and once a very long time ago in a galaxy that was pretty darn close actually, I was a PhD candidate in American Civilization (sic) with a focus on critical media studies for which I will likely remain forever ABD. As a part of that graduate work I was deeply immersed in philosophy — or maybe better to call it “critical theory” — and have read pretty widely in philosophy, with a tilt toward European and post-colonial writers. I think of myself as a post-structuralist if that won’t get me voted off the island immediately.

That said, I probably no longer have the chops to contribute at a subject matter expert level, but I do have deep familiarity with many topics in philosophy, a lot of experience as an editor, and very deep skills in the care and feeding of digital texts — most especially with Pressbooks.

And so I’d love to contribute in any way I could help, perhaps at a copyediting level, and/or in the digital mechanics of publication.


Hi @thomasdcarroll–thank you for your interest! Let me get in touch with the editor of the Philosophy of Religion book about a timeline and get back to you. I think generally, we hope to get the reviews done earlier this summer rather than later, and we do give reviewers 4 weeks to complete their reviews (flexible if needed). More soon, and perhaps I’ll direct this conversation over to the Philosophy of Religion book thread!

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Hello @xolotl, good to see you here and thank you for volunteering! We are close to putting the Philosophy of Mind book into Pressbooks, and we could use help inputting the content and making sure it is formatted correctly. A bit of copyediting along the way wouldn’t go amiss as well!

@apurva and I will get in touch soon when we’re ready to start. Maybe I’ll move that conversation over to the Philosophy of Mind thread just to keep things organized, at that time.

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Sounds great! I’m trying to make sure I see these notices, so if I’m not responding, feel free to nudge me on Twitter.

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as I have written in my e mail, I am interested in contributing for a chapter to the Social and Political Philosophical section. In particular, I would like to suggest a tenth chapter about Amartya Sen’s thought. I think it could be the perfect conclusion for this intellectual path.

About my CV, I am a PhD student in Ethics and Economics at the University of Study G. d’Annunzio Chieti-Pescara, Italy. I am graduated both in Philosophy and Economics. I have taught for eleven different economical classes, as you can read in the CV I have sent you in the previous days.




Thank you for following up here, Valentina! I will get back to you when we get an editor for the Social and Political philosophy book confirmed, because it will be up to them to decide which new chapters to include!

Hi @xolotl, I’m tagging @apurva here, who can help us get you set up in Pressbooks for starting to enter the text for the Philosophy of Mind book!

Thanks Christina!

Nate (@xolotl), I’ve created an account for you on the Rebus Press, using the email associated with your account on this platform, and added you to the Philosophy of Mind book. You should have received an email confirming the same, with instructions to set your password. Please let me know if you have any trouble logging in or accessing the book. Your role on the book should be what’s termed on Pressbooks as ‘editor,’ with permissions to:

  • Add or Edit Posts
  • Publish Posts
  • Delete Posts
  • Read Posts
  • Comment (not currently enabled on the book)

Christina or I will be in touch soon to give you all the rest you need to get started on the formatting piece!

Thank you @apurva! I received the email, have logged in, and have confirmed my editor role status.

Ready for my first assignment :wink:

Excellent, thanks for confirming! @christina.hendricks is currently doing a final read of the chapters. As soon as this is complete, we’ll be in touch. Shouldn’t be long! :smiley:

I’m interested in assisting with proofreading and copyediting. I have a BA in Philosophy from Boston University (and keep up with scholarship in a few areas) and currently work in open-access advocacy. Further, I am personally interested in increasing, specifically, the availability of openly licensed philosophy texts, whether textbooks, monographs or journals.

Previously, I was a volunteer editor for two distributed projects. For the first, I provided substantial content editing to a CC BY-NC-SA ebook on statistics and data visualization for non-experts (titled Data+Design). And for the second, editorial comments and suggestions on several draft chapters of Creative Commons’ recent book, Made with Creative Commons (CC BY-SA, naturally).

As part of my job, I revise and edit a whole lot of documentation (on policies, programs and procedures) to ensure they are easily understood by a variety of authors, researchers, and students.

I try to supplement professional commitments with calls for volunteers because I think it’s important to support collaborative open projects (like this one) as much as possible. I’m game if you need help!

Colleen Cressman
twitter: metatechne


Hi Colleen,

Thank you so much for volunteering! We have one book (Philosophy of Mind) that is just about to go into production in Pressbooks (as soon as I get a breather from a conference I’m at right now). We’d love to have help with copyediting & proofreading for that. I have done my best as a non-professional in those areas, but I’m sure things there is stuff I’ve missed.

Hopefully we will start putting the content into Pressbooks in the next few days (it’s just me that’s the holdup now!), and it would be helpful to have someone read through the content there as we prepare for the final publication.

If you email me I can get you into the Pressbooks site for the book later this week and we can go from there: christina.hendricks@ubc.ca

I may also invite you to communicate with me on the thread for that book, just to keep things organized!