General Discussion: Introduction to Philosophy

This is the general discussion thread for the Introduction to Philosophy project. Here is the project description.

I’m happy to circulate some kind of “call for participation” to our Philosophy department here at UW-Madison, if you or Christina have a brief precis I can share.

A brief or precis is on the way! We’ll be reaching out for specific participation soonish…

I’m reaching out to the Philosophy Department at the University of Arizona

HI @ccuillier … can we arm-twist you into committing to proofreading one chapter from this book?

@swagstaff great – official call copy coming soon, to be distributed far & wide. stay tuned.

@hugh Yes! I’d be happy to proofread

@ccuillier awesome! thanks.

Count me in! Happy to contribute copy and/or help out with production.

@drrobertfarrow That’s fantastic! Looking forward to working with you.

Hi @clhendricksbc (and others) … here’s a proposal for a call to participate, what do you think?

Call for Open Textbook contributions:
An Introduction to Philosophy

Would you like to help create and publish an Open Textbook, “An Introduction to Philosophy,” and at the same time contribute to developing a new, collaborative model for publishing Open Textbooks?

“An Introduction to Philosophy”, in development by lead author Christina Hendricks (University of British Columbia), is one of a handful of Open Textbook projects being undertaken with the support of the Rebus Community for Open Textbook Creation*.

We’re looking for people to volunteer time, with a variety of tasks envisaged, from chapter contributions, to proofreading and a host of other things. [UPDATED:] There will be space for everyone from tenured faculty to students to the general public to participate in the project, though chapters will be written by faculty or graduate students (preferably PhD students) in Philosophy.

Interested in helping? You can let us know by doing the following:

  1. Register at the Rebus Community, here:
  2. Read the Project page, and “Reply” with your interest here:

Or, if you have more questions you could send an email to:

*The Rebus Community is a project of the Rebus Foundation, a Canadian not-for-profit with funding from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Would love to be involved in any way you see fit! Particularly interested in authoring, reviewing etc. Thanks! Beck Pitt

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Thanks Beck! More to come soon.

I’m willing to be involved in some way, depending on time (of course). My expertise is in logic and language, though I’ve taught courses in metaphysics, epistemology, phil. of science, history of modern phil., even Asian religions.

@knachel Thanks! I will add you to the team ! We’ve yet to work out specifics of next steps … but that will be coming soon, we hope.

I’d like to help as a proof reader or chapter reviewer. My areas are epistemology, feminist epistemology, philosophy of science and some metaphysics.

super @fellows-jill … I’ve added you to the project team. more details to come.

I’m in for proofing

@kelseywiens a+!

I’m happy to help out in any way needed. I’m not a philosophy subject matter expert (UG PHI minor) but will assist in proofreading, PB “wrangling”/testing, production, or any other technical needs! I don’t know all the plans for this particular project, but I’m interested in learning more about the “networked” and collaborative component of Rebus and OER development. Thanks!