Christina Hendricks, Uni of British Columbia in Vancouver

Hi everyone,

I’m excited about this project! I teach philosophy at the University of British Columbia-Vancouver in Canada. I am also a big advocate of OER at my institution and beyond. I don’t use an open textbook in my philosophy courses because there isn’t one that fits my needs, and I’m very interested in collaborating with others to create one. That’s the big project I’d like to do, but I can’t do it alone, so am looking for other philosophers to help. I want it to be an introduction to philosophy book that could be used by many courses.

Beyond that, I’m excited to work with you all and see where collaboration can take us!

website in progress:
Twitter: @clhendricksbc

Welcome, Christina! Thanks for joining the Rebus Community. We look forward to helping you find collaborators for your project.

Hi Christina–this sounds terrific. I’m happy to connect you with interested philosophers here at UW-Madison in case you’re open to collaborators on this. In addition to your introductory text, I’ve also been thinking about how great it would be for us to develop a large shared library of high-quality, free etexts consisting of works published pre-1923 and are thus in the public domain (a little fuzzy on Canadian copyright law). There’d be a whole bunch of interesting candidates for literature (my disciplinary background), history, and philosophy, I think. Do you assign any primary texts in your courses that might fit this description?