Hi, I'm Kristin Woodward from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

I am the Online Programs and Instructional Design Coordinator for the UWM Libraries. I am also the campus lead for our Open Textbook/OER Project and I coordinate our Digital Repository services. Currently I am working with a Philosophy Instructor on his open textbook-- the focus is informal logic. We are publishing it iteratively in the UWM Digital Commons. We hope to use PressBooks for the final product.

Hi Kristin,

Thanks for joining The Rebus Community!

This sounds like a wonderful project. I believe Rebus member @clhendricksbc is also working on an Introduction to Philosophy open textbook that we will be helping with, so there may be some potential for collaboration!

We look forward to supporting you however we can.

Liz Mays
Marketing & Operations Manager
Rebus Community

@kmwoodward Hi Kristin! I’m working on an introduction to philosophy textbook. It would be great if we could connect to see if any other philosophers at your institution would be interested in helping with this, even in a small capacity like reviewing or proofreading (though what we’d also like is people who are willing to write a bit!). You can see the start of our project over here: https://forum.rebus.community/topic/56/introduction-to-philosophy-lead-author-christina-hendricks/

Hi Kristin–we have an instance of Pressbooks at UW-Madison that you’d be welcome to create accounts on and try out. If you or @knachel want to meet up or talk about OER or Pressbooks sometime, please get in touch. Glad to see you here!