Matt Knachel, UW-Milwaukee Philosophy

Hi, I’m Matt Knachel, Senior Lecturer in the Philosophy Dept. at UW-Milwaukee. I’m the guy Kristin Woodward mentioned who’s writing a logic textbook. It’s designed for what’s often called an “informal” logic class, but as any philosophy teachers out there know, that’s a bit of a misleading title (not least because it’s traditional in such course to cover Aristotelian Logic, the world’s first formal logic. Here’s a link to the page where we’re posting it, one chapter at a time as I’m writing it: Fundamental Methods of Logic

Hi Matt,

Nice to meet you! Thanks for joining The Rebus Community.

We look forward to being of help as this project progresses.


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Hi @knachel … great … we’re working out collaborative processes to help projects like yours. For instance, getting chapters or books proofread, reviewed etc…

I wonder if you might consider helping us figure this out with another philosophy book (Intro to Philosophy), you can find some info about the project here:

If you are interested, you can just post in that forum thread. There’s no commitment, until we’ve started parcelling out tasks, at which time project participants can put their hands up to do small things (such as proofreading a chapter) or larger things (such as contributing a chapter).

hi @knachel do you know of this project: … ? We’re talking to Richard Zach about it, and we could intro you if that’s of interest.

@hugh @knachel hi there – our project is more advanced, but what might be helpful is Cathal Wood’s open critical thinking text

Rob Loftis has combined parts of it with PD Magnus’s forallx formal logic intro:

Thanks @rzach!

@rzach Thanks for the links. I was aware of the Magnus text (I reviewed it for the U. of Minnesota open text library), but not of the Woods book. I thought I was the only person in the world working on an open “critical thinking”-type book; good to know I’m not alone.