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Hi Will–thank you for your interest! I have put that volume on hold for a bit while I work on publishing several others, but please send me an email with your CV and we can go from there: christina.hendricks@ubc.ca

At the moment no volume is planned for Continental Philosophy. I would like to get the first editions out of the planned volumes before starting on others, but I’m open to considering new ideas at some point!

Thanks again…

@LeighKP looks like a good set of cfps here that we could share!

Sorry, which CFPs are you referring to?

Ah, it looks like @christina.hendricks has updated the first post in this thread with current project needs. Christina, could you reshare that information down below in a new post, and perhaps also in the Contributor Marketplace? That’ll make it easier for anyone interested in volunteering to see what positions are available!

Yes, will do! I update the top portion fairly frequently because I think that may be the first thing that people new to the thread see.

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Things are moving along really well on this project! We still have a few openings for volunteers as noted below. If you’d like to help out, please comment on this thread. It would be helpful to hear a bit about your background, your particular area of expertise, and what role you’re interested in. Thanks!

We are currently looking for:

Chapter authors for the philosophy of science book (see chapter outline and the Public Table of Contents for the series for the chapters that are still in need of authors. We are looking for people with a PhD in philosophy (or who are in a PhD program) and who, ideally, have teaching experience at the introductory level.

Peer reviewers will be needed for the Epistemology book within the next few months. See the original chapter outline and also the Public Table of Contents for the series for the chapters that are being written.

Copy editors to help with books that are nearing publication (Philosophy of Religion, Aesthetics). Have copyediting expertise and would like to help out? We’d love to have you join us, to help with one book or more than that if you wish.

Volunteers to help input the text from google docs into Pressbooks (doesn’t require any technical skills other than a willingness to learn a bit about Pressbooks!).

You can view the complete project description for more information.

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I don’t happen to have a graduate degree in philosophy, just an MA in English (part of my final project included aesthetics and authenticity, implementing ideas from thinkers such as Derrida, Adorno, and Heidegger; I also consulted Kant during the very early stages of my research). I also have a BA in philosophy and psychology; some of my interests then included political philosophy, phenomenology, and ethics. I don’t have teaching experience but have tutored philosophy and helped critique students’ essays. I’ve also recently helped edit (for grammar, style, clarity, etc.) a textbook focused on biology, nutrition, and mental health. If there’s something open for me (whether reviewing or editing) to help out with a project, I’d love to!

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Hi Chris, and welcome!

Thank you so much for your offer of help. We just published the first two books, Philosophy of Mind and Ethics, and the next two will be Logic and Philosophy of Religion. I think we’re mostly good to go with help on the Logic book, but we might need some help with Philosophy of Religion, either with editing or with inputting content into Pressbooks (which has a somewhat small learning curve if you’ve not used it before).

Can you send me your contact info and a CV/resume so I can put you on our list of volunteers and contact you when the time comes? christina.hendricks@ubc.ca

Thanks again!

Hey Christina,
Got a condensed copy of my CV that I just sent over, looking forward to being able to assist with this project if possible!

One of the authors for one of the books in the series had a great idea–it would be useful if we had a poster that could advertise the series, that people could put up in their institutions or take to conferences or other events. Or a template that one could just swap in and out the various titles and covers for various books, as desired.

I would love to try to put something together, but: (1) I am super busy working on other books in the series at the moment, and (2) I don’t really have much in the way of design skills.

Might there be anyone out there who would be interested in doing something like this? Please let us know here on the forum!

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Hi Christina!

I’d be happy to work on this. Do you have a list of information you’d want to make sure was on the poster?


Hi Amy! This is so great! As for what should be on the poster, I’m thinking it depends on whether we want a poster for each book or one that includes info about several. I think the latter would be most useful. In that case, how about the following? All info about the books can be found on our Intro to Philosophy project page.

  1. An image of one of the covers; or, since there are two books published so far, possibly images of both.

  2. Editors and titles of each book in text along with links to where they can be found (would need to be spelled out URLs for print).

  3. We’ll need some text introducing the series and a brief statement about how the books are open access & w/o cost for digital versions. Let me work on that and get back to you. Again, not my main forte to write this sort of thing so I’m going to have to give it some thought. I’m also very open to ideas!

  4. Acknowledgement of the support of Rebus Community and the many, many volunteers who are making the project possible. Including you! I would want to have an attribution to you on the poster.

@Apurva or @LeighKP , do you have any other thoughts on what would go on a promotional poster?

Thank you so much for offering to help, Amy!

Striking a balance of information on posters and promotional material is tricky, but I think you have it covered! For #3, I might suggest focusing on some of the unique aspects of the series/books to highlight, that might prompt anyone viewing the poster to look it up. And you could set up shortened Bit.ly links for the books to make the URLs a bit more condensed.

If you wanted to include the Rebus logos, please let me know and I can share the images and editable files.

From the mouth of a copywriter: Fewer words!

I’ve written a tonne of web copy, and in my experience, clients always want too many words. I recommend resisting the urge to clutter with information. Focus more on calls to action that prompt viewers/readers to seek more info.

I will say the free/open aspect is very important to include.

Oh, and I echo Apurva’s suggestion to use Bit.ly. Tinyurl also works.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks to all for the offer of help and suggestions about the poster! @amy.nusbaum @apurva @LeighKP

Unfortunately I have to clear my desk of pretty much everything else right now because our university has just announced transitioning most face-to-face courses to an online format, and as the Academic Director of our Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, I and staff at the centre are deeply involved in supporting educators to make this transition. I have to devote more or less all my time to this for the moment (at least a couple of weeks, I think). So I’ll get back to this poster as soon as I can, but it won’t be right away I’m afraid.


Understandable and good luck! We’re here to help if we can!

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Dear Christina,
I would be willing and able to write the demarcation chapter for the phil science introduction. I have a Phd from the University of Rochester and have taught the demarcation problem at an introductory level numerous times. Here is a link to my CV and here is a link to the syllabus for the first-year science and society class I refer to above.
Best wishes,

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@Apurva mentioned that you’d be needing some copyediting assistance for the Aesthetics and Epistemology texts soon. My background is in English lit, but I’ve copyedited various topics in the humanities (here at Rebus and elsewhere), and I’d love to volunteer my copyediting services if I can be of use!

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Hi Leanne,

That’s great news! Thank you so much for volunteering. I know this kind of work can take a fair bit of time and effort, and I’m very grateful that you’re willing to help!

I’m connecting with one other person who has worked with us in the past who might have copy editing expertise, and it’s possible you could each do one of the two books. I’ll be in touch as soon as I can, and thanks again!

Hi Christina,

That sounds great! I’m always happy to coordinate with other copyeditors. I look forward to hearing from you! :slight_smile: