Working with Learning Community_Feb 2020 Rebus Cohort

Thanks to colleagues at Rebus, learning community in feb20-cohort; use the @-sign {plus} groupname while within Rebus community space to notify all group members, in this case 29 people in cohort).

Here is some team-building guidance from our Rebus Community guide book:

  1. Our team includes people who are invested in the project and believe in its mission and goals. We will set our project’s purpose to spur progress through inspiration.
  2. All members can be upfront about their workload; we don’t want to overburden our team, cause problems or resentment.
  3. We will make sure to share the expectations of a given task when they take it on. A good team consists of everyone checking off their list of duties, no matter how large or small…
  4. Communication is integral to a team’s performance. Work on creating an atmosphere that encourages team members to talk to one another, share their progress on tasks, and indicate if they require more time or assistance…
    … Good teams ought also have a mix of people involved, and should be representative of the people who will be using the content. This diversity will help shape the resource through different lenses and perspectives, making it more applicable and useful to a range of users… “nothing about us without us.”
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