About History of Dance

This is the public-facing communication for History of Dance from the TSP June 2023 cohort. Feel free to follow, post or reply.

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An Overview:
We propose to transform Dance History I: Cultural and Classical Forms into an OER course and share it through the MOST Commons. My hope is that dancers and dance educators will use this course, parts of this course, and/or materials from this course to help bring a more inclusive understanding of a greater variety of dances. The course materials will provide information significant to dancers and students across many learning communities.

We will bring together materials including syllabi, activities, rubrics, assessments, schedules, plans, and readings that I have been developing over the last decade of teaching this class and in particular the last 3 years of adapting to teaching virtually. In this course I not only wish to bring a diverse range of perspectives through the course material, but also by delivering the content using embodied learning activities in this traditionally lecture based liberal arts requirement.