About the May 2024 B Cohort

We are excited to be supporting the 22nd cohort of the Textbook Success Program! 6 teams from Louisiana will be working on their equity-centered OER projects. :green_book: :blue_book:

Take a look at the projects and teams from the following participating institutions:
Northshore Technical Community College, South Louisiana Community College, Louisiana Delta Community College, Fletcher Technical Community College, Southern University at New Orleans, Northwestern State University of Louisiana, University of New Orleans, Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University, Baton Rouge Community College, Louisiana State University, Southern University at Shreveport, Southern University, Louisiana State University of Alexandria, SOWELA Technical Community College, Baton Rouge Community College, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans, Nunez Community College, University of Louisiana at Monroe, Delgado Community College, Northwestern State University of Louisiana, Northwest Louisiana Technical Community College.

  1. Microbiology for Nursing/Allied Health (lecture and lab)
    Adronisha Frazier, Ayda Basgul Martin, Debra Jackson, Erica Burns, Illya Tietzel, Lisa Mims-Devezin, Meiko Thompson, Li Ma
  2. Introduction to Health Professions
    Jessica Mouton, Chelsey Shannon, Samantha Summers, Felicia McGhee, Tonya Gauna, Alva Millican, Colton Wiggins
  3. Intravenous (IV) Therapy
    Johannah White, Amanda Olinde, LaTonya Dorsey, Sabrina Palmer, Dr. Trudy Williams, Becca Dauzat
  4. Medical Surgery I
    Holly Goodwin, Asia D Grace, Colette Baudoin, Melanie Schmill, Patrianna Smith
  5. Medical Surgery II
    Tornayaa Milton, Anna Tapia MacDonald, Kim Uddo, Leigh Hanhart, Beatrice Eweni, Ebony Watson
  6. Introduction to Practical Nursing
    Amelia Brister, Debbie Huntington, Pamela Potter, Priscilla Stewart, Kissley Booker, Latasha Bates, Angela Shoemake

Kim Uddo is here on on Med Surg II

how do I upload my photo to replace me K image?

Hello Kim: I am Lisa Mims-Devezin from Southern University at New Orleans. I am working with the Microbiology for Nursing/Allied Health (lecture and lab) group. It is nice to meet you and hopefully, we will have an opportunity to do more initiatives for the state of Louisiana together.

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Hiya! To replace your photo, click on the top right (where your K image is). At the right right hand side, click the person icon at the bottom. Next, click on preferences. From there, you’ll see your profile picture, which you can change.

Attaching a couple of screenshots to help walk you through the process. Let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues!

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Thanks Kaitlyn, I appreciate the directions! Easy. It will take a minute to get my brain organized to the new system. It will all be good. Kim

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It is nice to meet you Lisa. I look forward to this project! Kim

I am Ms. Milton. I am one of the Cohort Leaders for the Med II. The other Cohort Leader is Anna MacDonald from NSULA. Ms. MacDonald is on vacation until June 3. The Cohort teachers are:
Leigh Hanhart-Delgado, Beatrice Eugene-Delgado, Marcie Young-ULM and Ebony Watson-Delgado. Cohort Teachers, if you could reach out to me on this forum would be greatly appreciated or you can email me at tamilton@susla.edu. Thanks and looking forward to connecting with you all.

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Hello everyone. My name is Pamela Potter. My email address is potterp@mybrcc.edu. I am the Program Manager for the Practical Nurse program at Baton Rouge Community College. I look forward to working with each of you.

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