Adam Martin, Graceland University, Lamoni IA

Hello to all in the community. I’m a political science professor at Graceland, a small liberal arts college in Iowa. I recently found out about open pedagogy and OER resources from my friend Tim Robbins, whom I understand has been active in this field for some time. I was instantly interested, as 1) dealing with under-resourced students has made me painfully conscious of the crippling effects of textbooks and other non-tuition costs, and 2) I have been looking for ways to shift my classroom towards a more equal, participatory place. This notion of collaboration with students on a textbook particularly caught my eye, as I have one particular course I’ve always loathed the textbooks I use, and it’s ready-made for a open pedagogy trial run. I’m here as a complete beginner, eager to learn from all of you anything I can, and to the extent I can make any contribution of my own, I am more than happy to do so!

@midlevelbureaucrat2003 Hi Adam, welcome to the Rebus Community! It’s nice to hear that you heard about OERs and Open Pedagogy from Tim!

Do you have any ideas for an open pedagogy approach for your course? There are quite a few members in the forum who have run open pedagogy assignments in their classroom, and I’m certain they’d be happy to offer up any advice! If you’re looking to do something similar to Tim and create a new textbook for your course, you might find this Guide to Making Open Textbooks with Students useful.