Robin DeRosa, just saying hi to y'all and happy to be part of Rebus!

Introduce yourself and find out who else is here. Come back often and meet new members. What excites you about OER? What do you want to achieve?

  • Share some details about your background and objectives, expertise and interests.
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Pretty sure I am not doing this right, but that sure is the fun of hanging out with you people since I know you won’t judge!

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You’re doing just fine! :slight_smile: Welcome back to our renovated platform!

For those few in the community who don’t know about all the amazing work you’ve done, could you possibly share a few lines about yourself?

There’s also a lot of discussion happening in other parts of the platform, so feel free to poke around and interact as you please. We have some members looking for answers to questions (in the Help & Questions section), some projects looking for collaborators (in the Contributor Marketplace), and some fun icebreaker questions to well, break the ice and let us all get to know each other better!

Hi everyone! My first open textbook was co-created with students, when we built the first draft of the Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature. Rebus is now kicking that project into high gear under editor Tim Robbins. It’s so fun to watch our initial seed sprout! I work a lot now on thinking about creating learner-driven ecosystems for public higher education, and building open infrastructure for public learning. Happy to be a resource to newcomers, and to learn from all of you!

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Thanks, Robin! You’ve been such an inspiration not only on the Am. Lit. project, but also internally with our team as we’ve been working on documentation and infrastructure to better support the collaborative creation of open textbooks!

You can see Robin’s work on the Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature here:, and Tim Robbins’ (@trobbins1981) expanded version here: He’s noted that some exciting announcements are taking shape with the expansion to the anthology, and we can’t wait to learn more :slight_smile:

Thanks for being so open and willing to share your learnings, and to continue to learn!

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Hi Robin,
It is great to see familiar faces here!

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