Megan Smith, Librarian, East Stroudsburg University

I am leading a small workgroup that is attempting to get our professors to start utilizing OER in the classroom, and essentially lead the OER movement on campus. I know some of our professors already use OER but my goal is to find them and get one voice, as well as getting as many as possible to jump on this bandwagon. We have a lot of goals, including getting all our general education courses on OER texts but I’m looking for implementation advice, where people find good OER materials, etc. I’d love to hear other people’s experiences.

I am also supporting Jeff Ruth’s writing of a Spanish Language OER text, and have met Greg Szcyrbak through that connection. If anyone is looking for any type of assistance please let me know. I have a strong background in history, religion, and literature, but I am more than happy to branch out as well.

@msmith130 Hi Megan, welcome to the Rebus Community! I’d recommend taking a look at our Guide to Making Open Textbooks with Students if any of the faculty at ESU are looking to conduct an open pedagogy project in their classroom. I’d recommend looking through repositories like the Open Textbook Library, Merlot, BCcampus’ collection to start off on your search for OER materials. I’m sure others can chime in with more repositories! You could also browse through our recordings and recaps of Office Hours events, where we invited guest speakers to go over specific topics related to Open Textbooks in particular.

We have 2 projects on literature, and 1 on history, in case you’d like to participate in them: Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature, Antología abierta de literatura hispana, and History of Applied Science and Technology.

We’re looking forward to hearing more about how @jruth 's project is coming along!

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