Tina Ulrich, Librarian, Northwestern Michigan College

Hello, Everyone!

I stumbled upon this great project through the CCCOER group post where I get most of my OER news. What a great idea! NMC librarians and ed tech folks have been introducing faculty to OER for the past three years. We have 38 faculty teaching with free or low-cost textbooks and have saved our students almost half a million dollars since Fall of 2015.

This summer I am working with several faculty who are adopting, creating, adapting open textbooks. I would love to help others with proofreading, finding images, and whatever they need to get their textbooks ready for adoption. I also have a couple of former interns who are excited about OER and have said they would be happy to work on projects over the summer.

My content areas are history, religion, and social sciences. And I am a stickler for good grammar. Let me know how I can help!

Looking forward to meeting you all!


Hi @tulrich, Welcome to the Rebus Community. We have several projects that would be a match for your expertise, particularly when we get to the proofreading and image sourcing processes. @zoe, @apurva or I will reach back soon with specifics!