Hi! Share your OER Libguides!

Hi there! My name’s Rachel Becker and I’m a Copyright and OER Librarian at a Technical College in Wisconsin. I’m working with faculty at our college on affordable course content and with librarians at other tech colleges across our state on OER development.

I’m currently working on updating our OER Libguide and am looking for ideas to make the content understandable and interesting for our faculty. Please share yours! Thanks!


Hi Rachel!

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You may have already seen this but @lindafrederiksen326 created an awesome resource for creating lit reviews in education and nursing. She may also have some great OER LibGuides to suggest.

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Hi Rachel,
Than you for your post as I have also been thinking about this. I have seen so many OER LibGuides, and I cannot help but think that we have hundreds if not thousands of librarians doing the same thing. There is a lot of resources being spent on librarians doing the same things and quite frankly the libguides I have seen are overwhelming even for me, as a librarian. I want to know what are the best three sources or the most relevant three sources for x, y and z or what I am doing at this particular moment. My vision is for a one OER libguide, where we all work on it, collaborate and divide the time to focus more on quality and providing summary of the tools and the appropriate audience and where each source may be most useful and keeping things updated. There are so many Libguides that get started with project funding and then they are left forgotten or become orphans. Then we choose what is most relevant to show within our own library. So we pool resources that we then can adapt and use for our own context. I think we can also spend more time testing how we present the information and sharing this and how the LibGuides are being used. I did a quick survey of the faculty in chemistry here and found that most have not even heard of a LibGuide and those who have, have not used it. So looking forward to continuing the conversation…