Hi from Kitty Luce, Cal Maritime Academy

Hi Everyone! I’m a librarian at CSU Maritime Academy, the smallest CSU with under 1,000 students in Vallejo, California. I’m a huge OER advocate and managed to get affordable learning in my job duties (hooray!) We have funds for helping faculty move to free or low-cost course materials. Some of our majors, such as Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering Technology, are very specific so there isn’t a lot of stuff already created. I’m really happy to have found Rebus, since it looks like a friendly place I can help faculty get started on their projects and move toward publishing, without asking them to learn anything too complicated. Here’s a photo of the beautiful campus I used to go to daily!

Welcome to the Rebus Community! It’s always nice to have more librarians and OER advocates in the mix. We’d love to see more OER created for Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering Technology! OER can serve both niche subjects as well as general education or high-enrolment courses.

We’re happy to help! You may also be interested in our Textbook Success Program, which guides faculty along their projects and supports them through the publishing process.

Wow, your campus looks lovely! Thanks for sharing, and hoping that you can get back there safely soon.