My first day in the REBUS Community

Hello Rebus Community, I am the Writing Centre Coordinator at BCIT, Burnaby, BC Canada (near Vancouver). I also teach Language Support courses for non-native speaking post-secondary here at our polytech. I see a need for all the peer tutors and instructors to have access to materials that will support students in their technologies. I have received grant money to begin making an OER for language support – probably a lot of drill and practice exercises targeted at upper intermediate language learners doing skills training to get them jobs in technical fields. I look forward to joining this community, and see all your work so I can use them as models to create our own OER at BCIT. I also look forward to learning how REBUS and Pressbooks work so I can create materials that can benefit many!

@gandrich Hi Gjoa, welcome to the Rebus Community! Congratulations on your grant to create OER for language support. Let us know how you’re getting along with your project planning, and we’d be happy to share resources based on our experience supporting open textbook creation so far.