Nobuko Fujita, University of Windsor

Hi! I am a Learning Specialist in the Office of Open Learning at University of Windsor. I am supporting faculty developing a funded open etextbook project. I would love to hear from people who involved students as partners in the creation of the etext, those who used Pressbooks with Hypothesis, or who have advice for a newbie. Look forward to getting to know you! @dreff on Twitter

Hi Nobuko, great to meet you :slight_smile: Welcome to the Rebus Community!

We’re working on a guide to working with students on open textbook projects at the moment actually – we’re aiming for the end of June to release it, so keep an eye out! A couple of our active projects involve working with students too, so there are plenty of people around to offer advice. Could you tell me more about your project?

To touch on Hypothesis as well, the ever-fabulous @robinderosa1 has written about her work with students on an open textbook and how Pressbooks & Hypothesis featured in the project – might be worth a read if you haven’t seen already.

Thanks, Zoe! I look forward to seeing the guide. Our faculty lead went to Robin’s keynote in Toronto and was inspired. Right now, we are still in the early stages of working on prototyping the first chapter. We have two students helping two faculty members review the structure and content, but hope to engage more upper-year undergraduates to contribute more content. Robin had her students write background/history intros for English texts, but our subject is Financial Management, so we are thinking that students can contribute cases or examples.

@nobuko.fujita That sounds like a great project, case studies and examples would be a wonderful way to engage students. We love hearing about the different ways faculty get their students involved, and look forward to hearing more about your project as it progresses!