Olga Perkovic, McMaster University Library

Hi everyone! I am a librarian working in scholarly communication including the institutional repository (using DSpace) and the library’s open faculty and student journals (using OJS). I was encouraged by members of the Community and of eCampus Ontario to join the forum to learn more about open textbook projects and practices. I would also like to generate ideas for promoting Open on campus since faculty and student awareness of open access and open education is sporadic.

Hi Olga, Thanks for joining the Rebus Community! We have a monthly event, Office Hours, about various practices in open textbook creation. You can view topics for past and upcoming sessions here: https://forum.rebus.community/category/4/office-hours We also have working groups, including one on Peer Review, that may be of interest. https://forum.rebus.community/topic/130/review-peer-review-for-open-textbooks/50 We have not done anything on promotion yet, but that has good potential for a future topic!

@lizmays Hi Liz, Thank you for the welcome and for the information about upcoming events and past sessions. I will definitely check the links. I did not know about the working groups so thank you for this as well. In working with Open the past few years, I have learned that I make assumptions about what faculty know about open issues. Some ideas on how to start conversations with faculty about open textbooks would be great!