Office Hours: Metadata for Open Textbooks (Aug. 30, 2017)

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Open Textbook Network & Rebus Community Host Office Hours
Wednesday Aug. 30, 2 p.m. EST

Guest Speakers: Laura Dawson (Numerical Gurus), Naomi Eichenlaub (Ryerson University), Sarah Cohen (Open Textbook Network) & Hugh McGuire (Rebus)

What are best practices for open textbook metadata, in order to maximize discoverability and account for the utility and remixability of openly licensed materials? How might we standardize metadata across open textbooks? What attributes should be included? How should metadata be handled across multiple versions of textbooks?

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I’ve been working on a little project on direct metadata harvesting of metadata and ebook files from Ubiquity press websites. I really like what they’ve done, and it may be a good anchor for the discussion next week.

Ubiquity Press lists the pages they want harvested for each site in a sitemap.xml file, they same thing they use for google SEO. In each page, they embed metadata in html meta tags, both in the “highwire tags” specified by Google Scholar, and in DC tags. This is super easy to harvest. We’ve talked about how to extend this beyond the very simplistic google scholar metadata to something more appropriate for books; it occurs to me that the Open Textbook community should participate and profit from such a discussion.

@eric Hi Eric, Will you be able to join us for this Office Hours? We’d love for you to mention and elaborate on this in the discussion portion of the session!

@lizmays I’m planning to!

@eric Awesome, we look forward to it!