Meeting and Greeting

Hi all. I’m a historian of Canada who has produced two open textbooks (Pre- and Post-Confederation Canadian History) and I’m currently working on open courseware addressing indigenous histories. Learned a lot on these projects and will no doubt learn a lot more!

Hi John, thanks for joining us! We’d love to hear more about your OCW work, and what you’ve learned in the process. You may be interested in our history of science and technology project – volume 1 is currently underway, but we are hoping to expand. If you do decide to start your own open textbook project, we’d love to find ways to support you!

Hi there (after 4 months of silence on my part!).

I’m curious as to the ways in which Rebus can support these projects. I’m working on some courseware/curriculum now but there’s some possibility of a third Open Textbook in the not-too-distant future. I’ve relied on funding from BCcampus to date but that may not always be available, particularly for projects with smaller academic audiences.


Hi John, Currently we’re providing hands-on support to select pilot projects, in order to build software and resources that will streamline the process for open textbook authors and make it much easier to find and work with collaborators. Those should be launching in the next month or two, so what we can offer should be clearer then!