August Monthly Check-in

@feb20-cohort Our next check-in will take place on August 5. I’ve carried over topic suggestions from our previous poll. Let me know if you’d like us to tackle one of these topics for our mini-session or if you have another suggestion:

  • print-on-demand
  • assessing OER efficacy
  • EPUB formats

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I recall print-on-demand (POD) as being next on the list, so if there’s no clear indication from this poll, we’ll go with POD.

@feb20-cohort It looks like print-on-demand is what you’d like us to tackle next!

At our session next week, we’ll take a look at the start to finish process of making a book available via a print-on-demand service provider (I’ll share my screen and show you all the process). In addition to this, we’ll refer to these resources:

  1. [Handout] Print-on-demand
  2. [Slides] Print-on-demand

Looking forward to seeing you all then. I’ll send out the password reminder before the session over Direct Message.

Thanks to everyone in the @feb20-cohort who was at yesterday’s session! For those who couldn’t make it, please post an update by responding to this thread, so we know how your projects are coming along. You’re also welcome to post questions about our mini-session on print-on-demand.

I’ve collected a list of the resources shared in the chat transcript (thanks @Daniel-Hauptvogel for saving this file for us):

Our next check-in is September 9th, and we’ll be chatting about classroom review. Looking forward to it!

Whilst reviewing the chat transcript, I noticed a comment from @Lashleyed that I missed during our session:

@alminervini and @lizalong raised the issue of state/institution Intellectual Property (IP) policy related to open licensing. Thanks to them, Idaho is updating its IP policy to overtly support the open publishing of these faculty projects and protect the IP of our faculty authors.

This is fantastic! Nice to see the discussions and conversations that are taking place at the project level have broader transformative effects! :smiley: Jonathan, any chance you can share the revised IP policy with us once ready?