September Monthly Check-in

Our first monthly check-in will take place on September 8th. The check-ins will give us the opportunity to dive deeper into topics we’ve discussed over the first 12 weeks of the program, or to discuss something completely new.

We’ll also use the check-ins as a space to highlight strides on projects, share updates, bring up any challenges you are facing, or ask questions. The check-ins will complement our discussions in the forum, so we’ll keep an eye out for conversations taking place outside the calls and make adjustments as needed.

I’ve started this poll below with some preliminary suggestions for topics for us to address at our upcoming check-in, and can always add to it with your suggestions. If there’s a particular topic here you’d like us to address, vote for it (you can choose multiple topics)

  • print-on-demand
  • licensing and fair use
  • classroom review
  • cover design
  • H5P content in Pressbooks

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@w.j.palmer suggests another topic, vote for it if you’re interested in diving into this next month:

  • print and electronic books: making decisions around interactive content

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@may20-cohort — we’re getting closer to our September check-in date. If you haven’t already, take a moment to vote for what topic you’d like us to discuss. I’ll close the poll by the end of the week.

@may20-cohort, looks like the votes are tied for our mini-session: classroom review & licensing and fair use. We’ll tackle classroom review at next week’s check-in on Sept. 8, and licensing and fair use at our session in October (I’ll share a few prompts for this licensing discussion). As usual, our session will be on Zoom (you can join using the same password). Looking forward to catching up, and hearing how you have all been!

For our classroom review mini-session, here are some documents we will refer to:

  1. Handout: Classroom Review
  2. Slides: Classroom Review

@may20-cohort thank you all for joining our check-in this past Tuesday. If you couldn’t make it, review our handout and slides in my previous post and let us know if you have any questions. Some important notes:

  • Our next check-in will be on October 6. The mini-session topic is licensing and fair use.
  • Please submit your questions about fair use, as it pertains to your project, so that we can dig into this during our mini-session. The more specific your question is, the better it will be for our discussion!
  • Our check-in for November will not take place on November 3 (to ensure that those located in the US have the day to vote, work at the polls). We will decide whether to pre-pone the session or post-pone when we meet in October.

You can also look at the chat transcript and resources to keep track of what was shared:

Fair use /copyright question: are there any differences for fair use / copyright between linking to a publically-available video (youtube/vimeo) and embedding it?

thank you

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Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Robin. Do others in the @may20-cohort have questions around fair-use or licensing that you’d like to discuss at our next check-in? While we can have a general discussion around fair use and that four main factors around it, the conversation will be more useful for you if we can examine specific issues.