Book Launch: July 1, 2020

Just released!

The editorial board of Open Pedagogy Approaches: Faculty, Library, and Student Collaborations is pleased to announce the release of this exciting collection of case studies. An open educational resource (OER) in its own right, it offers a diverse compilation of OER and open pedagogy (OP) projects grounded in faculty, library, and student collaborations. Open Pedagogy Approaches provides ideas, practical tips, and inspiration for educators willing to explore the power of open, whether that involves a small innovation or a large-scale initiative.

Particularly during this pandemic, as libraries struggle against publisher limitations to offer traditional print texts in e-format, libraries are a natural partner in the creation and facilitation of open educational resources and practices. Going open offers innovative alternatives that can equitably shift the culture of student access and empowerment in learning.

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Congratulations Alexis and everyone on the @OEPlibrary-team! :tada: The book looks fantastic, and I especially appreciate the responsiveness to comment on the impact of world events this year.

I hope you and the team are celebrating this wonderful milestone! We’ll be spreading the word in our channels, and I look forward to seeing the community response around the book.

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