Call for Contributions: Indigenous Knowledges and Open Education Book Project

Project: Indigenous Knowledges and Open Education Book Project

The open education movement has provided a substantial improvement to the learning and research needs of students, faculty, and community members. This has been done through various barrier free methods of publishing, and mitigates any financial strains that can occur. However, within the open access movement there needs to be careful consideration for Indigenous Knowledges, which are deeply rooted in community defined ethics and protocols, that do not fit into ordinary academic contexts. Many conversations around open education (OE) focus on a Eurocentric framework of copyright and intellectual property rights that are sometimes in tension with Indigenous knowledge systems, and the goal of this volume is to centre Indigenous ways of knowing, culture, experiences, and worldviews within the work of open education pedagogy and advocacy work. The publication target date is summer 2023.

The following provides detailed steps for submitting a chapter proposal to this open access edited volume. We encourage chapters (of 4000 to 6000 words, excluding references) that are authored with diverse representation and scholarship (including student authors where possible), that reflect one of the following types of contributions:

  • Essay (theoretical or conceptual paper grounded in the literature)
  • Research paper (based on systematic exploration of a research question)
  • Case Study (critical, evidence-based, and theoretically grounded reflections on the intersections of Indigenous knowledges and open education)


We ask that the chapter proposals be submitted by email to Donna Langille at, including the following elements by March 15, 2022 :

  • Working Title:
  • Abstract: Max 200 words
  • Type of Contribution: (research, theoretical/exploratory essay, case study)
  • Keywords: 3–6 keywords
  • Contributor information:

Required information for each contributor, in the correct authorship order and as you would like to see in print:

  • Full name
  • Institution name (in full, no abbreviations)
  • Primary e-mail address
  • Contributor bio (Max 100 words)

For more information, please visit Indigenous Knowledges and Open Education CFP.docx - Google Docs.