Call for Peer Reviewers: Aural Skills

The OER team at Utah State University Libraries is seeking peer reviewers for the textbook Foundations of Aural Skills *

The audience for this text is undergraduate music majors.

We offer a stipend of $150, with a review feedback deadline of August 25th, 2023.

Foundations of Aural Skills is a research-based textbook. It was published in Pressbooks and contains interactive activities and embedded Spotify playlists. The book is 337 pages long. We seek peer reviews to offer constructive feedback to improve the quality of the content and the learning outcomes for all students.

We welcome queries from aural skills subject experts (including faculty and Ph.D. students) who are open to progressive principles of pedagogy and have experience teaching or coordinating aural skills.

Thank you,
Stephanie Western
OER Program Manager
USU Libraries

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