Chapter numbers / urls

With the now new official chapter 48 included, I edited the chapter numbers for previous Chapters 48-61 to 49-62. I changed the permalink urls for those chapters to the correct number and edited the Glossary to reflect the correct chapters correlating to the words where the chapters changed. I also edited the Multimedia Appendix for the chapters that changed. Anything else I am missing or that you would recommend to reflect the chapter number changes?

Thank you!

Hi Dave, I think you’ve covered it all! I’d suggest making sure that these changes are reflected properly across all the formats, so the next time you pull a set of exports, you can keep an eye out for this.

Hi Apurva,

I have a follow up question on this regarding the changes and exports. But I think it is one of those preferred live ones to ensure clear communication rather than the forum/e-mail/electronic communication… When is the next zoom session
and any chance we could connect via zoom for a few minutes between now and Tuesday or the week of the 17th?


No worries – some things are definitely easier to discuss face-to-face! The next drop-in has not been scheduled, but we’ll be in touch when these or similar events are on the calendar.

For now, I’ll be in touch over DM!