Author names showing in print .pdf; Technical assistance request with versioning


1)The author showing below the chapter title was fixed in the web version a while back but it showed a few days ago in a print for .pdf export. Would you please assist/fix and check other exports?

  1. I had an image that was in Pressbooks (in the draft Cultural Competency chapter) - then the content was removed (intentionally) and then brought back (intentionally) as part of the peer review editing process. It looks like everything came back OK except for the image. I was trying to locate retrieving it by looking at previous versions but was concerned of potentially making it worse (going back to the version with the image and forfeiting more recent edits. If possible to try to troubleshoot and bring the image back while keeping the rest of the content current, I would appreciate it.


Hi Dave, thanks for your note about these 2 technical issues in the Blueprint for Success books.

Done! I’ve tweaked the CSS for web, EPUB, and PDF slightly in all 3 books to ensure that the name does not display in any of the formats. You can pull a new set of exports whenever you are ready to confirm the case in EPUB & PDF. The web change should be instantaneous and live now.

The easiest option would be to reinsert the image, instead of going back to a previous version of the chapter that contained it. If you’re not able to place the image and preserve the formatting as you like, you can always use the revision history tool to revert to the previous version of the chapter without the image.

Hope this helps. Let me know how you get on with the image!

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