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Re: Need help generally?

I changed the title of my book, and it updates on some editing screens, but still seems to retain the original title that I chose when I view the book. Any ideas how to fully change the title of my book?

Hi Robin,

I think it’s a fluke we sometimes experience. Sometimes it takes a few hours or a day to update the book title under Book Info. Sometimes just re-entering the change and saving again fixes it. I suspect if you just try several times at different times, it will eventually work. If not can you send the URL of the book here? Zoe can run some tests on Monday if this does not resolve it.

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@lizmays I tried refreshing and waiting and such, but let’s give it another day and then I will let you know. Thank you!

@lizmays Kept re-saving with the new title and eventually it took! Thanks!

If it’s taking hours or days, then that’s a bug that needs to be reported to Pressbooks!

Sorry I should mention that it has been reported and our dev is looking into it. But in the meantime, this workaround works most of the time.

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