Finding an original title

I shared with all of you the title I had settled on before our meeting this morning, and just discovered that there’s a Routledge textbook with the same name: It’s not at all doing the same thing, but I’m guessing this means I can’t use the name. I’m just checking here in case I’m wrong in this assumption. @feb21-cohort. I’m so stuck on the name!!!

I would recommend using a different title. My 2 cents

A shame that the title you had in mind is already in use! While there are plenty of texts going around with similar titles, an identical title may cause discoverability issues when people are trying to find the text online, or when ordering a print copy of your book. While you mention that this book isn’t doing the same thing at all, it does seem to me that it is in the same field and may be confusing if both were to have identical titles. I’d suggest tweaking the title slightly. However, I will flag that book titles aren’t protected under copyright (see the US Copyright Office FAQ), so if this is the perfect title for your book, you should go ahead with it!

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That’s a bummer. Even though you don’t have to, it sounds like it may make sense to change it up. What about something like Reconstructing Texts or Interacting with Texts?

Thank you all! I think it’s best to change it. I’m currently at “Transforming Core Texts: Open Editions Built For And With Students.” It’s so nice to be able to share here!!!

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