Textbook Title Thoughts

We are playing around with the title of the textbook and are thinking about Literature in the Hands of a Child’s Mind: The Unequal Equalizer

Titles are always fun areas to work on. I like what you have so far, especially the subtitle! As you’re tinkering, think about length or whether you can easily shorten the title during promotions/presentations. For instance, our guide has a very long title that we all fumble over: The Rebus Guide to Publishing Open Textbooks (So Far) but we’ve taken to shortening it as “the Rebus Guide” in conversation. This has helped us convey the full idea of the guide as something that evolves and covers specific content, while also letting us create communications assets (like short Tweets) about it without too much trouble.

That is helpful…thank you…especially saying you like the last part. That was our biggest concern.

Dr. Jenny A. Piazza

No problem! It might take a few iterations to land on the perfect title. Our process certainly took a while. This is a good start, and continued work on the project will also help you figure out if the title needs revising.