Introducing myself

Dear all,
My name is Inge de Waard (Belgian name) and I am happy to have found this initiative. I am a firm believer in open education, and this community offers an addition to open learning with its wonderful open textbook option. I am contemplating an open textbook, but still trying to figure out the broad outline. In the meanwhile, I will gladly promote the Rebus community.

@ingedewaard Hi Inge, thanks for your kind words and welcome to the Rebus community! What subject area would your open textbook cover? We’d love to hear more about the project you have in mind.

@apurva hi Apurva, thank you for your quick reply. I am thinking on an open textbook on the topic (well part of the topic) of educational technologies. But I am not quite sure whether you have specific indicators in mind for the textbooks in terms of size, or credits, or similar facts. Does this need to parallel a semester, or can it be a stand-alone… I hope this gives you an idea of what I am not sure about :juggling_tone4:

@ignatia Hi Inge – open textbooks on educational technologies would certainly be very useful! There are certainly a lot of different parameters to think about, and we’re working to help with just this. One way to get started might be to fill out a summary of your project – here’s a template that you may find helpful as you’re thinking things through!