Christine Terry, Lynchburg College

I am an assistant professor of Biology and Biomedical Science at Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, VA. I teach genetics, microbiology, anatomy & physiology and introductory biology. I recently attended a workshop on open educational resources, and am interested in authoring (or co-authoring?) an open text for genetics.

@terry.c Hi Christine, welcome to the Rebus Community! It’s great to see faculty participating in OER workshops. We don’t have any Genetics texts in our stable as yet, what sort of project did you have in mind?

Eventually, I’d like to be involved in writing an entire textbook that could be used in an upper-level majors genetics course. In the short term, I’ve recently applied for a sabbatical (2018-19) and during that time I have proposed to work on a few chapters that could potentially supplement standard genetics texts. These chapters would include material on epigenetics and genome-wide association studies.

@terry.c That sounds like it would be an extremely useful text! Do let us know when you get working on the book, we’d love to share some of our resources with you! As well, we may find other members in the community who are interested in working on different bits of the book, so please keep us updated!