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  • 1.1 Definitions and Concepts
  • 1.2 Sex and Gender: Anthropological Perspectives
  • 1.3 Globalization


  • Africa: Introducing the Region
  • Mashoga, Mabasha, Magei: transformations in same sex relations on the East African coast
    • Deborah Amory, SUNY Empire State College
  • Reproductivity: a case study of the inscription of gender roles in the domestic division of labour for rural girls in Zimbabwe
    • Nolwazi Ncube, University of Cape Town
  • ‘Girls are plantain, boys are cassava’: social constructions of gender and kinship in a matrilineal society
    • Dorothy Takyiakwaa, et. al. University of Cape Coast, Ghana
  • Profile: Nolwazi Ncube, University of Cape Town


  • South & East Asia: Introducing the Region
  • Nepal ‘The city’ and ‘the easy life’. Work and Gender among Sherpa in Nepal.
    • Alba Castellsagué & Sílvia Carrasco, Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona
  • Policing the Border by Policing Women’s Bodies: Gender, Nationalism, and Nepal’s Citizenship Laws
    • Dannah Dennis & Abha Lal NYU Shanghai Researcher at Martin Chautari
  • Third Gender, Kinship, India Understanding family and kinship through hijra or ‘third’ gender community in India
    • Ina Goel The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Gender Identity; Women’s Language Appropriating and Rejecting Gender Ideologies: Girls’ Self-Referent Term Choice in Japan
    • Nona Moskowitz Wittenberg University
  • Profile: Blank Noise, Hemangini Gupta, National Institute of Advanced Studies
  • Profile: Women’s Shelter in Hanoi, Lynn Kwiatkowski, Colorado State University


  • Latin America & the Caribbean: Introducing the Region
  • Indigenous masculinities in Amazonian tourism
    • Ernesto J. Benitez, Florida International University
  • Quinceañeras: Girls’ Coming-of-Age Parties in Contemporary Havana, Cuba
    • Heidi Härkönen, University of Helsinki
  • Q’eqchi’-Maya Market Women in the Global Economy: Family, Tradition, and Memory in Capitalist Exchange
    • Ashley Kistler, Rollins College
  • An Intersectional Analysis of Black Masculinity in Northeast Brazil
    • Melanie Medeiros, SUNY Geneseo
  • Interrogating Michel Foucault’s history of sexuality: Jamaican realities of masculinities and sexuality
    • Natasha Mortley, University of the West Indies
  • Being a good Mexican man by embracing “erectile dysfunction”
    • Emily Wentzell, University of Iowa
  • Profile: “Oportunidades” Program in Mexico, Holly Dygert Northeastern University
  • Profile: Women’s Efforts to End Gender-Based Violence in Guatemala, Serena Cosgrove Seattle University


  • North America/Europe/Global North: Introducing the Region
  • Male sex work: Intersections of Gender and Sexuality
    • Nathan Dawthorne, U Western Ontario
  • Intersectionality and Muslim women in Belgium
    • Elsa Mescoli, CEDEM – FaSS – University of Liège
  • Becoming a man and a father: Dilemmas of fathering from a distance
    • Elizabeth Perez Marquez, Universidad de Guadalajara
  • The backstage of postmodern mothering
    • Susan Tratner SUNY Empire State College
  • Profile: Kathleen Steinhauer: First Nations Activist in the Shadows, Sarah Quick, Cottey College
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