Example: Call for Authors on OER Publishing resource

Name: A Guide to OER Publishing
Subject: Publishing
What we need: Authors, reviewers, editors, other contributors
Contributor requirements: Experience with OER publishing

We are seeking participants in the creation of an OER publishing resource in 2019. This open textbook will focus on the methods of publishing educational materials in an accessible and inclusive manner. It will include key documents and multimedia resources, emphasizing an equitable and inclusive process. We are seeking faculty teaching publishing or those who have worked in this field to serve as contributors, reviewers, and consulting editors for the project. If you are interested, please let us know by replying below.

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Hi Zoe, this sounds like a really cool project, and I would love to get involved. See more details about my background, skills, and ways I can contribute below.

  • Background: I have studied extensively about publishing in Canada - including trade, academic, and educational publishing.

  • Specific skills or qualifications: I have a Masters in Publishing and have been working at Rebus Community for over a year supporting the creation of over 35 open textbooks.

  • Why you’re interested in the project: I would love to help support publishing initiatives world-wide and teach others how simple publishing can be!

  • Other ways you might participate: I can author a chapter, act as a reviewer, or even help with formatting, layout, and cover design.

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