Feb 22-A Cohort Forum now fully functional

Dear @feb22a-cohort,

The homepage software has now been shut down and the glitches that affected our forum alternative have now been fully resolved. Your project summary information has been transferred from the homepage software over to your project-specific forum space. You can now access your public-facing forum space following the screenshots instruction below.

We hope this will enable everybody to share their project progress with your cohort facilitator, your cohort members and external collaborators. Please reach out to the Rebus staff should you continue to encounter problems or want to clarify any of the associated steps in the forum use (@joerdis or @apurva )

  1. log into forum: https://forum.rebus.community/

  2. Access Textbook Success Program: Textbook Success Program - Rebus Community

  3. Access your Feb 22 A Cohort Forum:

  4. Access the about the cohort page:

  5. Click on your project link:

  6. Update your project space with most relevant information from TSP