Final Session (October 2022 C Cohort)

Congratulations everybody! We have now hit a major milestone as we complete the Textbook Success Program! Thanks to all those who could be here today for our final session. Here’s a bit of a recap for those who couldn’t be there.

Even though the program is wrapping up, we want to make sure that you still have the opportunity to connect as a network and feel supported with your OER publishing work. You can still:

  • use the Rebus forum to have conversations about your project with your team, the cohort, and the wider community
  • reference to all our CC BY licensed handouts, slides in the TSP Curriculum Hub, and the Rebus Guide
  • share CFPs, updates, announcements around your project, which Rebus will be happy to amplify (definitely let the group know when your OER is published and any insights you have as you use it in the classroom)
  • contact others in the cohort and deepen the bonds that were built during the year together
    • Contact spreadsheet–add your info here (optional)


Revisit the program objectives and think back on your time in the TSP. Are there special sections of your OER that you want to highlight? Personal growth or skills learned that you are proud of? If there’s anything you want to share with your cohort — about your growth, new realizations, or next steps — this is your space and chance to say what you need! You can post any thoughts as a reply or put those in your evaluation form.

Evaluation Form

If you haven’t yet, I will also ask you to submit your reflections and feedback about the program via this evaluation form ( And to those who have — thank you! We take your feedback and reflections into account to shape experiences for future cohorts.

Certificate of Completion

Once you complete your evaluation, you will be directed to generate your certificate of completion. Select the “(Specify cohort: October 2022)” for the Textbook Success Program Cohort and enter the name of your OER for the Project Name field or the overall program name: Connecting the Pipeline: Libraries, OER, and Dual Enrollment for K-12 to Postsecondary

Program Graduates List

A list of program graduates is also live on our website! Make sure to add this to your resume and/or job description–highlight all the hard work that you did.

If any of you have any questions or trouble accessing any of these documents, please let me know.

Once again, thank you all so much! I look forward to staying in touch. I have loved getting to know you, working with your groups, and feeling inspired by the passion you have for your content areas and the commitment to your students. They are so fortunate to have you teaching and guiding them. Take care, happy upcoming holidays, and please keep the group posted about how you and your projects are coming along.