Group 3: Environmental Scan of Peer Review Tools, Processes & Research

Goal: Review & summarize existing approaches to review, and tools used.

This group will conduct a scan of the existing peer review market in order to inform the development of the Rebus processes.

This may include:

  • Summarising current research in the area
  • Reviewing existing tools and resources used by other open textbook/OER publishers
  • Looking to open review processes in academic journals and monographs for inspiration

If you would like to be a part of this group, please comment below with a bit about yourself, any specific interests on the subject and any initial thoughts on the group’s purpose.

@zoe said in /404:

comment below with a bit about yourself, any specific interests on the subject and any initial thoughts on the group’s purpose.

My name is Nicholas and I am a PhD student at UCI (California) in Informatics. Primarily, I conduct research on gamification and learning theory. However, I do a fair bit of design and development on the web and in game engines.

I am curious about the culture of use surrounding open textbooks and peer review tools and resources. For example, in what ways do the tools/resources help the community grow and improve making OT/PR? Are certain practices hindering the growth or value seen in OT/PR? How can tools/resources be shaped to solidify and enhance the community of practice?

Perhaps after others have chimed in, we can reach a consensus about initial plans and purposes.

I currently hold the position of OER coordinator at PSU. We are beginning to expand our OER initiative and peer review will be incorporated into our open publishing model.

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Thanks @nicholaspersa and @Julie-Lang for getting us started :slight_smile:

I would like to join this group! I work as an Instructional Technologist at the University of Guelph. Let me know how best to “jump in”!


Thanks @ccoulter! We’re going to give people a bit more time to sign up then we’ll put together a plan of action. Watch this space!

Hi - OER Librarian. Learned about this system of ‘intelligent crowd’ peer review that a Chemistry publication is putting together.

“Their crowd consists of 100 hand-picked reviewers based on recommendations from the editorial board, as well as researchers who volunteered to take part. These reviewers can access a secure, bespoke online platform and view papers being considered for publication. They can annotate and comment on manuscripts, as well as respond to comments left by others.”

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I’m interested in joining this group. I’ve managed fairly traditional PR processes in the past, so looking at ways to make the process more open is really exciting to me.

@allisonbrown Thanks Allison! We’ve been a bit slow taking off with this (it’s a busy time for books coming together for the Fall semester!) but I’ll check in again soon to get things rolling.