Group 1: Open Textbook Review Board

Goal: Develop and operationalize an Open Textbook Review Board.

The Rebus Community has proposed to create an Open Textbook review board that can been leveraged to help find peer reviewers for open textbooks.

The current sketch of the Review Board structure is as follows:

  1. The board will comprise librarians, staff, and faculty & others coordinating OER/Open Textbook activities at their institutions.
  2. Review Board members would be contacted whenever a book comes up for review
  3. Members would agree to take some action within their institution or network to help find reviewers (e.g. contact a subject librarian, reach out to departmental faculty or colleagues at other institutions, etc.)

This group will develop this idea, including:

  • Clarifying/finalizing a proposed structure
  • Developing communications mechanisms
  • Defining board member obligations/commitments
  • Recruiting members
  • Other ideas for expansion/how else this board can be useful

If you would like to be a part of this group, please comment below with a bit about yourself, any specific interests on the subject and any initial thoughts on the group’s purpose.

I would like to join this group!

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I’ll join too. I’m one of the open edu leaders at my institution and have links to multiple people using/creating open textbooks here and elsewhere. I think it’s crucial to have a group of people that can help to find reviewers, as peer reviews are very important for adoptions and perhaps the hardest part is finding people to do them!

I am interested in this group.

Thanks for putting your hands up @clhendricksbc and @professorsv (and @hugh!). More to come soon.

@zoe Hi there, I’d like to volunteer for this group. I’m an ILL librarian, work extensively with OER on my campus, and serve as the anthropology liaison for the library. I have contacts across multiple disciplines and would like to expand my institution’s involvement with OER beyond the adoption level.

Great to have you here, @dillardamie :slight_smile: More details to come!

Hi, I’m interested in this group as well. I head up the OER initiative at my campus and also serve as a subject librarian, so I have contacts across multiple disciplines at USU.

@erin.dini Thanks so much for joining us! Positions like yours are exactly where the power lies to connect people, we’re really pleased to have your input as we shape this initiative.


I would be very interested in joining this group. I have co-authored some OER for an anthropology course that I taught and I am in a new cohort at UMass Amherst to begin writing some open materials on archaeology in the coming year.

~Katie Kirakosian

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@kvkirako Thanks Katie! @hugh is leading the charge on this one, so he should be in touch with everyone with more details soon.

@carrie-nelson You feel like volunteering for something?