Hi, I'm Marilyn Billings, Head of the Scholarly Communication Office at UMass Amherst.

Here’s a link over to my website where you can see presentations and publications I’ve done. Main topics are open access, IRs, and open education. https://works.bepress.com/marilyn_billings/ You can be entertained by my picture with my bobble-head.

HI Marilyn, welcome ! You are officially the FIRST poster who is not a Rebus staff member, for which you get our eternal gratitude, and some kind of prize (to be decided what!) …

Anyway, delighted to have you here.

Hi Marilyn! I think we met briefly last year at the Open Education conference in Vancouver–your energy and example have been great inspirations to me. Thanks for your ongoing work in the field & looking forward to working with you here in Rebus!