Honorariums for Open Textbooks work?

Hi everyone,

I’m hoping to get some advice on appropriate honorariums to provide to people who work on Open Textbooks. Specifically, I’d like to provide payment to someone to write a chapter for my textbook on a subject I’m not well-versed in, and I’d also like to remunerate two to three peer reviewers of the text.

Does anyone have guidance on respectful sums for writing and peer-reviewing?



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Hi Lindsey — I believe organizations like the OEN typically offer $200 honorariums for faculty reviewing textbooks. Grants for writing can very significantly based on the work that the author will be doing. We’ve actually had a conversation on paying OER contributors before; I’m dropping in a link here in case it is a useful starting point: Office Hours: Money, Money, Money! Paying OER Contributors (17 October 2019, 2pm EST/ 6pm UTC).

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