Office Hours: Money, Money, Money! Paying OER Contributors (17 October 2019, 2pm EST/ 6pm UTC)

Topic: Money, Money, Money! Paying OER Contributors
When: Thursday, 17 October 2019, 2 pm EST / 11 am PST / 6 pm UTC
Guest Speakers: Karen Pikula (Minnesota State OER Faculty Development Coordinator); Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen (Director of the Portland-Metro Campus Library); and Amanda Hurford (Scholarly Communications Director, PALNI)

The question of paying OER contributors is both a philosophical and practical conversation. This month, we’ll explore whether authors, students, reviewers and other roles should be compensated, and how much. We’ll dig into various compensation models and methods, and learn strategies about how to process payments in highly regulated environments. For example, we’ll discuss faculty release time and union considerations, as well as timing payments with deliverables. We’ll hear from people who have found creative ways to navigate difficult payroll restrictions and move their programs forward with limited funding, while recognizing and rewarding participants.

This session is complete. Watch the recording below.