IMLS Milestones 2023

Trigonometry Cohort -

In the first TSP Training session of 2023 (January 2023), Emily Frank shared the following milestones for the course development phase:

February 2023

  • Milestone: Consistent chapter structure outlined (see some details here)
    • Examples would include:
      • Learning Objectives
      • Chapter opener / closer
      • Key terminology
      • Pedagogical Devices
        • H5P
        • Louisiana content
      • Process for sharing references and adaptation statement (if adapting)

March 2023

  • Milestone: One chapter draft loaded in Pressbooks

April 2023

May 2023

  • Milestone: First draft module completed in Moodle

August 2023

  • Milestone: Moodle course completed

Fall 2023

  • Quality Matters review
    • Anticipated submission date: Sept. 1
    • Anticipated review completion: Early Oct.
    • Anticipated meeting with review chair: Early Oct.
    • Amendment and feedback deadline: Nov

October 2023

  • Milestone: Pressbooks title completed

Nov - Dec 2023

  • Final updates to materials and submission to LOUIS
  • Course set up for those piloting beginning Spring 2023

Good morning,
The videos for Chapters 1 & 2 have been completed and embedded.
I was moving on to Chapter 3 of the book but noticed the order in press books was different than the book.
Not sure if that was intentional or a result of the transfer. That is something that will need to be discussed. While creating the videos, references are made to earlier information. The easiest thing would be to keep the book in the same order and let those who teach it change the order if they choose to.
Also, changing the order will mean we need to change the numbering of the examples, checkpoints, and caution boxes as well as other headers. All doable but extra work.

What are your thoughts.

@ddensmore - I wonder if when @bkunwor brought in the content, maybe the sections weren’t put in order. It is easy to rearrange sections in pressbook.