Recap from 6/6/2023 Meeting

In today’s meeting we discussed the following of what has been done since last meeting:

  1. All sections have been imported from online text

  2. Introductions for each Part (we call these Chapters but using Pressbook verbiage) were created. Leave these at the beginning of each Part!
    • To be used for Moodle course.

  3. Donna is creating videos (checkpoint #’s and suggested exercises) to go in the sections

These are needs to continue to clean-up our Pressbook:

  1. Move things out of the sections into new Chapters:
    • Section Homework – create new chapter and label heading for each section; this will help the content from being so long
    • Chapter Summary – already out, keep this out

  2. Consistency on colored textboxes

  3. Add Learning Objectives to the top of the sections – Pulled from Skills (toward bottom of section)

  4. Move Algebra refresher to the top (this is toward the bottom of the section); use correct colored box

Additions to be added:

  1. Glossary
    • Make defined terms using the glossary function – put throughout the sections
    • Vocabulary parts (toward bottom of section) can have defined terms as well

  2. Add H5P

Before next meeting. Work on the above tasks for the following Chapters:

o Bimal – Chapter 1, 2, 3
o Yi – Chapter 4 and 5
o Heon – Chapter 6 and 7
o Jared – Chapter 8
o Bimal – Chapter 10, maybe 9?