Recap 6/8/23 Meeting

In today’s meeting we briefly discussed the following of what has been completed already and what is next to-do:
• Prerequisites Chapter was cleaned up with the coding only – nothing else added (videos and H5P)
• Equations and Inequalities was a group effort.
• Still working on images being put into the book. There are just a lot of them!
• Introductions for each Part (we call these Chapters but using Pressbook verbiage) were created. Leave these at the beginning of each Part!
o To be used for Moodle course.

Questions for editing for the group:

  1. Numbering of exercises at the end of the section? Prakash has been numbering for both.
  2. Put h5p in colored boxes? No.
  3. Key Equations? Ginny is linking these, but there are not in all chapters.
  4. Moodle course? Work on Module Introduction for your Chapter; Jared will assist with all Chapters as well
    a. MyOpenMath course will be created within the next month
    b. Pressbook and MyOpenMath will get linked into the Moodle course

Here are general tasks (chapters) that are being worked on by each member:

o Prakash – Functions
o Ginny – Linear Functions
o Karen – Polynomials and Rationals
o Cynthia – Exponentials and Logs