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College Algebra Cohort -

This topic is being added to have discussion on editing the MyOpenMath and Moodle courses.

@jeusea @gbradley @karen.perilloux @csingleton: I was checking the College Algebra course in MyOpenMath. Here are my initial thoughts about editing the course:

  • Delete the “Algebra and Trigonometry: The Unit Circle, Sine, and Cosine Functions” chapter since we do not have the Trig part in our Pressbook.

  • Edit the chapter “A Note to Instructors” and make it simple, like the " Message to Instructors" chapter in the Introductory Statistics [CMAT 1303] course.

  • Leave the " Start Here: Math Forum, Discussion Board, and Intro Quiz" chapter as it is.

  • Move some sections of Chapter 7: System of Equations and Inequalities ( I guess to Chapter 4) and delete it.

  • Chapters 1-6: Delete the textbook link from each chapter and section. Leave everything else as it is. Import only the section homework and chapter test to Moodle course.

  • Test 3 covers Chapters 3 and 4. Break it down into two tests: one for chapter 3 and the other for chapter 4, and move the chapter 3 test to chapter 3.

  • Final exam covers only chapters 3-7. We may need to add some problems from Chapter 2.

Let’s get the MyOpenMath course editing done before we begin the fall semester.

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Good observations Prakash. I agree with everything, except I think it could be a good idea to keep textbook links in. (If it is not too complicated) We often talk about how the students don’t use the textbook, maybe a link to the correct chapter would make it easier and they would use it more.

Per @pghimire and Karen’s agreement, I have deleted the “Algebra and Trigonometry: The Unit Circle, Sine, and Cosine Functions” chapter .

  • “A Note to Instructors”, @jeusea I thought was taking care of this for all of the cohorts. Jared, let me know if I overstepped here.
  • I would like to keep the Intro Quiz, but have deleted two questions. One was an agreement that stated specifically using Canvas and will not apply. The other was about showing work which again may or may not apply. The remaining questions are generic and have to do with entering answers and syntax.
    I would remove the Start Here and Discussion Boards - these should take place in Moodle, not MOM.

*We do need to move some of the homework around. We moved part of 2.2 to a new 4.1. We moved systems into Chapter 4. We also moved 2.1 into Chapter 3. We should deleted homework associated with 5.7 Radical and Inverse Functions and 5.8 Modeling with Variation. We also need to delete 6.7 Modeling with Exponential Functions.

  • @karen.perilloux , I agree with Prakash that we need to delete the textbook links. We want to link to our new Pressbook. Links will be inserted directly into Moodle. I agree that we should only be importing homework and test. Objectives and instructions will be given in Moodle.

*I agree with we should divide Test 3 into chapter 3 and chapter 4 exams.

*I agree that we need to make the final accumulative.

When I receive a reply with agreement, I will take care of moving the homework around to match our book and deleted unnecessary assignments. I too would like to have this done prior to the start of Fall, but my fall starts in about a week :grimacing:

So I really only think we need someone to

  1. Chapter 3 Exam - need to add questions from 2.1 Graphing in rectangular plane

  2. Chapter 4 Exam - needs to be modified to include systems as well

  3. Chapter 5 Exam - needs to ensure does not include questions from 5.7 & 5.8

  4. Chapter 6 Exam - needs to ensure does not include questions from 6.7

  5. Final Exam to include chapter 2

  6. Anything else I missed?

Need to add questions to homework set 4.1 Linear Equations in Two Variables. Probably can move questions from 2.1 here.
HW sets that need to be modified:
2.1 - remove questions with two variables.
4.1 - Add questions with two variables
6.7 Needs a homework set

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I moved the homework around to match the Pressbook. I made a copy of Chapter 3 and put a copy on Chapter 4. The homework assignments that aren’t needed 5.7, 5.8, 6.7 and Chapter 7 are in the deleted item block I added.

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Ginny: Thank you for moving the homework around to match the Pressbook. I am OK with deleting ‘Math Forum’ and ‘Course Questions’ from the ‘Start Here’ Chapter. I will edit the chapter 3 Exam if you all are OK.

Karen: As Ginny mentioned, we will link the Pressbook to Moodle. So, students might be confused if we keep both books.

@karen.perilloux, @gbradley, @jeusea Team Great MyOpen Math (MOM) observations!
I agree. We do not need Trigonometry, Start Here, Math Forum, and Discussion Board in MOM. It may confuse students to duplicate what is in Moodle and MOM. It is double the work for the instructor.

Quizzes are optional. Some instructors do quizzes. I agree to keep it.

The final exam is cumulative. Instructors can make adjustments.

My preference is to use one book (Pressbooks).

" Message to Instructors" is a great idea. Hopefully, we will get constructive feedback to improve the book and give instructors directives.

I will work on deleting questions from 6.7 and upload homework problems and tests.

@gbradley Hi Ginny,

I need clarification. We are NOT including Fitting Exponential Models to Data in Pressbooks. It is turned off. However, we have 6.7 Exponential and Logarithmic Models. Is this correct?

Hi Team -

Great discussion!

Yes, a note on using MyOpenMath will be put in the Moodle course for any instructor who adopts it to know how to get to the MyOpenMath course. I personally don’t think we need to keep anything in MyOpenMath that won’t be put into the Moodle course. If anyone adopts the course and wants to make more in MyOpenMath, they can.,

That is my understanding. Section 6.7 should be included, but not fitting exponential models.

Sorry for my late response. I’ve been swamped.

Hi cohort team -

Just sharing a status report:


  1. I deleted all of the leftover Algebra parts and Trigonometry parts from the Pressbook. There are still a few hidden sections in Chapters - I got confused on if those were still being discussed to be kept or not. Now we can hopefully be able to see the book as complete as it is, right now.

  2. I exported the links for the book into Moodle. I left out the introductions, front matter, and back matter from being in Moodle.

  3. I put all the Sections, Chapter Review Exercises, and Practice Test links in the correct Modules in Moodle.


  1. I did a successful import from MyOpenMath into Moodle, only bringing in the practice/hw assignments for each Chapter and the Chapter Tests. They were all placed in the correct Module.

  2. I didn’t make any assignment question edits to any assignments - I also don’t know if anyone else did. If someone did, please reply what you did.

Moodle Course

I know our Moodle course is not 100% ready for the review, but it should be completed by the end of the year. A few comments before the review period:

  1. I finished a Syllabus document to go in the course. I will put it in the course.
  2. All content Modules are 99% complete.
  3. We need to discuss some other things to edit in select Modules (i.e. the Welcome and Getting Started Modules).
  4. I didn’t do anything with the Midterm and Final Exam Modules.

@pghimire @gbradley @karen.perilloux @csingleton

In the Pressbook, if the following is not being kept for our book, please delete them:

  • Chapter 4 - Fitting Linear Models to Data
  • Chapter 5 - Inverses and Radical Functions
  • Chapter 5 - Modeling Using Variation
  • Chapter 6 - Fitting Exponential Models to Data

I don’t remember who did which chapter.

I had chapter 5 and I deleted both of those sections.

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I have deleted Chapter 4 - Fitting Linear Models to Data.

Great job everyone. I believe Cynthia did Chapter 6.